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Concerned Citizens of Wellsville, NY
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Stop Eminent Domain

Hold Our Local Government Accountable

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on Monday, Oct. 9

Our Mission


This past year, a heated debate about the use of a private parking lot just off of main street Wellsville has created quite a stir. The Village wants to use this as a public parking lot but not pay the monthly lease rate of a mere of $500 a month that Mr. Otero has requested. Most recently, the village has declared that it is pursuing ownership of the lot via eminent domain.  In short, the Village of Wellsville was offered multiple opportunities to both lease, and as of late, purchase the lot but decided in the end that it will just take the parking lot.   Below is a timeline of events that has transpired up to this point:


  • In early 2023, The Village had a 4-month lease at a rate of $500 per month to use the parking lot.

  • After the lease ended, The Village expressed interest in purchasing the lot from Mr. Otero and he informed them that the lot was not for sale.

  • In April, The Village then proceeded to take a survey and appraisal of the property (costing the taxpayers $4500)… for a property that was not for sale.

  • The Village then offered Mr. Otero $32,000 to purchase the lot. He once again informed the Village that the lot was not for sale nor at any time did he express that it would be for sale. 

  • At this point, Mr. Otero cordoned off the parking lot so it would not be open to public parking as the Village was not paying a monthly lease anymore.

  • In June, the Mayor contacted Mr. Otero and asked if there was a price Mr. Otero will be willing to sell the lot for. After deep consideration and consulting with his team, Mr. Otero, wanting to be a good community member proposed a purchase price offer even though he was reluctant to sell his property to The Village. 

  • On July 15 the Mayor contacted Mr. Otero and informed him that The Village Board unanimously declined his offer. Once again, The Village failed at the opportunity to acquire his property.

  • At this point, Mr. Otero, knowing full well The Village did not want to lease the property for $500 a month or purchase the property, proceeded with his plans to put rental storage units on his property. 

  • In September the storage units stated to arrive.

  • At approximately two days after the storage units arrived, Mr. Otero received notice that the Village was starting the process of eminent domain to force the sale of the parking lot. 


Take a stand against the Village of Wellsville's unjust acquisition of a private parking lot via eminent domain. Sign the petition, reach out to the Mayor, and unite with Concerned Citizens of Wellsville at the public hearing on October 9 at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Offices to collectively denounce this unethical behavior and preserve community integrity.


About Concerned Citizens of Wellsville


Concerned Citizens of Wellsville, founded by longtime resident and local business owner Marshall Green, exists to create real and respectful dialogue about issues facing our community, and seeks to ensure transparency, ethics, and accountability of our Village and Town Governments.


This will be the first platform issue for the Concerned Citizens of Wellsville to tackle. We firmly believe the facts show this is a gross over-reach by the Village of Wellsville government and we are rallying you, the local citizens, to speak up and take action so the Village Board will make the correct and moral decision to stop this eminent domain action. 


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Disclosure notice: Marshall Green has been hired by Mr. Otero to help communicate to the public the pertinent facts as they pertain to the parking lot eminent domain case that is currently in the media.

“As government expands, liberty contracts.”

- Ronald Reagan

Take Acton



Call the Mayor and leave a message (threatening violence or personal attacks are not acceptable):

Mayor Randy Shayler
585-596-1750 or 585-596-1809


Email the Mayor (threatening violence or personal attacks are not acceptable):

Mayor Randy Shayler

Get Involved



A Public Hearing about the Eminent Domain is scheduled for Monday, October 9.  The hearing will begin at 5:30pm at the Wellsville Municipal Building located at 23 North Main Street in Wellsville, NY.  We are asking everyone to show up in attendance, an opportunity for the public to address the board will be made available if you choose. This is our chance as residents to speak up and have our voices heard, to hold our public officials accountable.  If they are allowed to get away with this, what is to keep them from coming for your business or your property next.  This is not a socialist government and the Village does not get to take property simply because they did not get their way.  

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